Magda Apopii


„WHY NOT?” That’s the question that followed me in life. Eventually, nothing is accidental. Why do I say this? Because it was a fortunate meeting with an old high school classmate who had just opened a beauty salon in Fălticeni, the city where I was born in a winter day, on February 9, 1978. We both enjoyed seeing each other after many years and one day I visited her salon and I was fascinated by the creations that came out of her hands. I felt surrounded by a strange curiosity. I wondered how she did that, why that and not otherwise? And the result was absolutely great!

So it all started. She offered me a job alongside her. At first I refused vehemently and I warned her that I have never hold a scissors in my hand and she replied with a smile that she would teach me and that she’s convinced I could do it. So I said “why not?”. And so I’ve come to learn the hairstyling secrets working in her salon for 2 years. Unfortunately (and I say unfortunately because I had to leave the salon) life had reserved other plans for me.

I wanted very much to go to university, so I went to the Faculty of Economics Sciences and Public Administration from the University Stefan cel Mare, Suceava , and then I went to Cluj- Napoca to do a master’s program in Hotel Management at the Faculty of Business, Babes-Bolyai University.

Since then I have stayed in Cluj and although many years passed between master and other jobs, I did not forget my passion for hair- stylism, because I did haircuts or dyed my friends with a great pleasure. It remained to the stage of a pure passion until one day when my boyfriend saw what I was doing with such pleasure asked me why I didn’t attended to a hairdressing course. And then again the question ”Why not?”. I followed his advice, I finished the courses and I realized that’s what I like, that’s what I want to do further in life.

It’s never too late. Luckily, I had the joy and pleasure to work for a year in the salon of a good friend and hairdresser, Vera (Veronique salon) whom I am thankful for what she taught me. Then I thought it would be appropriate to work on my own and so I got to work at another salon, Palas Athena where I met great people and a great team. Moreover, I found true friends, people with whom I spent two years of my life; the break up was hard. During this time, I participated in various seminars for specialization (Matrix, Lakme, Londa, etc.) trying to develop my creativity and imagination.

Lately I needed to evolve as a professional, especially that in this field always appear new trends. So, one day, lady luck smiled to me again and I got to be part of the ,,Boudoir Studio” salon team, alongside professional people led by a professional, Eduard Dăbîcan, who is a special person, an extremely passionate in what he does and willingly to share with us his secrets so we can make you, our client, happy and satisfied.

Therefore, I feel privileged and extremely happy that I can learn, progress and work with such great people.

Professional Education :

– Digital Edge- Matrix seminar with Laurent Tourette

– Matrix-Be.Blond seminar with  Alina Crisan

– Participation at IT LOOKS L’Oreal Professionnel collection Fall / Winter 2013-2014

– Couture Styling Kerastase seminar with George Soare

– Matrix Seminar. DESIGNER WOODS collection launch

– Fashion styling seminar with Catalin Enache

-„Color key” L’ Oreal Professionnel seminar

– Kerastase products seminar

-Look & Learn hairstyles special occasion seminar with Frederic Pavard  of the Alexandre Academy from Paris

– Colour Change L’ Oreal Professionnel seminar

– Look & Learn haircuts seminar with Bert Keisner

– Seminars within the team for haircuts and hairstyles for special occasions

– Communication with clients and professional ethics seminars

– Participation at special events and fairs

Although I like to create everything about the hairdressing world, I like more the haircuts and playing with colors.

Magda Apopii – Senior Stylist