Advice for taking care of our hair during winter

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The cold season is coming and you need to take more care than even of your hair, so I decided to offer you some tips for the following period.

The first thing you should do this winter is to hydrate your hair. Use intense products for hydration over the cold season at least once a week, so this way your hair will not dry due to the temperature differences between indoor and outdoor.

In the cold season, your hair needs special attention in order to not loose its hydration and start to degrade, the tips just as much as the roots. Being exposed to so many aggression factors, some of the special amino acids are lost, the hair becoming tern and without shine.

How to keep the scalp healthy

As much as possible, try to avoid the excessive hairdressing and opt for a loose, natural hairstyle (if you have long hair, try and catch the hair in a thick and loose elastic). Cut the tips of your hair because that’s where dry hair starts from. During winter, cut it more often than in the summer, even once a month. This is a period when you need to take care of your hair more than ever. If you have curly hair, opt for a mask rich in proteins.

If you opt for a fur cap or hat, you will need to wash your hair more often with a gentle shampoo and hydrate it with a mask suitable for your type of hair.

During cold days, a fur cap is welcomed due to the following reasons:

  1. The head and scalp are sensitive and need to be protected from frosting and cold precipitations
  2. Protects the hair from the dehydration produced by cold (as the air gets colder, the humidity gets lower)
  3. Limits the loss of heat from the body because the most heat is lost at scalp level

• How to correctly wash our hair

In the same way, you need to carefully choose the fur cap that you’re going to be wearing because there are a few negative effects too:

  1. Rubbing the hair with synthetic materials leads to an accumulation of negative ions that makes the hair electrify. Therefore, make sure to opt for natural materials that absorb the moisture and at the same time assure a proper ventilation of the hair.
  2. In order to not restrict the blood circulation at the scalp level, do not choose tight fur caps because the hair will become greasy, favoring the appearance of dandruff.

Another important tip that I can give you is to not wash your hair right before going out since the low temperatures will make your hair freeze and they will be easy to break. At the same time, the alternation of indoor heat and the cold from the outside will lead to the destruction of the hair and will inhibit the alimentation with blood of the scalp, the hair will get thinner and will eventually loose its shine.

Rules for a healthy hair

No matter on the shampoo or the care products that you use, your diet is one of the most important things you can control because the quantity of nutrients and your lifestyle will determine the health of your hair.

Through an appropriate care and some simple measures, your hair can be protected by the winter’s unpleasant effects.

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