The Boudoir Studio experience can be best captured by the words of our clients:

“This is the nicest, friendliest place that I have ever had my hair done. In the 10 years that I have lived here in Cluj, I have been to very many salons to get my hair done and never was satisfied with the results until now. I love my hair cut and style!”

 Paula Lawrence

” Thanks Edina Borza Dabican! Studio Boudoir special thanks for the way in which I feel you; an ambience that takes you time in the world of secret princesses of old, are created today’s modern beauties.

– Simona Trendler

“At Boudoir Studio you feel like a family, where everyone is careful as you feel good and leave every time extra-satisfied. Attention to detail makes all the difference!

– Raluca Moisi

“Words are not enough to describe professionalism solicitude proves that each member of your team, nor the well which I include the atmosphere created by you, every time you cross the threshold. Sincere congratulations and keep up the good work!”

– Marc Victor Mihai

I keep pace with time. With everything that is new. Regardless of time or time of day, there is someone here who knows what you want.

Edy it took my hand and we pron a long journey color, hair length, light and shine. Since March 2009 there has been fear me sit in the chair. Since then I became every opportunity “Wow! You look so well! How well do you stand! I love the color! “

Edina with any programming turns into something cheerful and colorful. Her condition translates into colored sprinkles and toes. I learned to wear red … maximum elegance for me!

They are all full of ambition, young and with them like being in a race. I am proud that I can keep up with them! Congratulations for what you do!

Diana Sancraian

“I appreciate that stylists are perfected, they are serious in approach, punctuality and passion to work.”

Paula Gosav

“Appreciate how they are treated, quality, punctuality and atmosphere. With you I feel more beautiful! Thank you take care of me for so many years!

– Loredana Muresan

“Treatment outcomes, professionals who “obey” my hair and I restore vitality; but stylish atmosphere and full of dynamics; attitude warm stylists become friends, feeling like coming to visit a band of friends that every time I do my best to go very pleased with the new look, products Inoa which brought back my hair bleached to life, make me remain with the Studio Boudoir. 

I pleasant impression every time you come to the salon that are understood without many words. Oana I propose treatment options that delights me. Honestly, I love Teamwork, Oana Mihaela or being helped by Silvia in my indomitable fighting wires.”

– Vali Netin

“Almost impeccable service. Kindness. Good products. Punctuality.

Show your changed me in a rather “interesting” for me: the start was coming here from liability to myself (I had to look good), I had no patience, I was bored – now come with pleasure, even sometimes anxiously waiting to come here, one of the few places manage to relax. Thanks for all that, especially Romania, Edina and Edi.”

– Emilia Puscas

“I appreciate the fact that Silvia announces me as soon as I have to dye my hair! Very nice atmosphere, very friendly staff and, of course, very well prepared.

Vera Broscoi

“I like reliability and punctuality, nice friendly atmosphere and staff. I like not lose time and everything goes faster. It is a pleasure to solve your problems in minimal time and you make pleasure to meet people warm and nice.

– Cristina Dinu

“I like the atmosphere, I like the services, I like that problems can be advised in hair care and beyond. 

Magda are client. I met in other circumstances and came to her. I discovered then and “concept” Boudoir. I really like how it combines both style French boudoir ambiance and style to style. Returning to Magda, we have developed over time a friendship beyond the stylist-client relationship. Always knows what suits me, I give solutions in every situation and every time I left here very pleased and happy. Also here I met Michael and that made me the most beautiful hairstyle for the occasion. Thank you very much.”

– Corina Ionescu

Come and experience Boudoir Studio! Find us on Calea Turzii nr. 85, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Appointments are made by phone: 0722 390 107 / 0736 621 009