Natural and masculine but at the same time with a great attention to details, the modern man’s look definitely represents a challenge. No matter if it’s about hair, nails or skin, leave yourself on our specialists’ hands and we guarantee you’ll have a look that reflects exactly your personality and at the same time send the exact message you wish. We are aware just how important the products used are, which is why we only work with brands that are special created for men.


Not only limited at haircut, our barbering department is specialised in a wide range of scalp problems, hair loss and proper beard care. And because we believe these are the most important elements of your physiognomy and we are aware of their capacity of altering your aspect, we invite you at our salon for a professional diagnostic. After these procedures, you will find out what are the lines that the haircut and beard should follow, recommended care products as well as ideas for you to always be in fashion.


No matter if you are getting ready for a special event or just for another week at the office, our nail artists are ready to offer you a moment of relaxation and also an impeccable manicure or pedicure. Today, clean nails are that detail that makes the difference. Leave yourself in our hands and we guarantee you won’t regret it!


Our cosmetic department is ready to offer you diverse facial treatments for a clean and healthy skin, as well as hair removal services with a wide variety of wax for a smooth skin, with a minimum discomfort. Leave yourself in our hands and we guarantee you’ll leave the salon with a natural look but at the same time with many tiny improvements that ultimately make the difference.

Appreciate how they are treated, quality, punctuality and atmosphere. With you I feel more beautiful! Thank you take care of me for so many years! - Loredana Muresan    
I like reliability and punctuality, nice friendly atmosphere and staff. I like not lose time and everything goes faster. It is a pleasure to solve your problems in minimal time and you make pleasure to meet people warm and nice. - Cristina Dinu    
At Boudoir Studio you feel like a family, where everyone is careful as you feel good and leave every time extra-satisfied. Attention to detail makes all the difference! - Raluca Moisi    
Your satisfaction is what motivates us to take beauty to superlative.


You will learn about new trends, promotions or other events in the salon.

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