Every woman wants to be the best version of herself. This is why we are doing everything we can so that you can have the supreme experience. Allow yourself to be pampered with treatments and professional products from brands such as OPI, Crystal Nails or Bio Sculpture Gel and your nails will look and feel good. And because we are sure exceptional results can only be obtained by people that are constantly evolving, our colleagues participate at numerous trainings, courses and seminars here or abroad. Leave yourself in our hands and we can guarantee you'll leave the salon smiling and with an impeccable look. Together we are taking beauty at its best!


Our hands are like a business card, being one of the first things others notice about us. Under these circumstances, an impeccable manicure is absolutely needed. No matter if you prefer short or long nails, with complex designs or painted in delicate colours, neat nails have become a must in out times. Leave yourself on our hands and Boudoir nail artists will recommend you the perfect shape and color for your skin and fashion style.


Often neglected in the favour of manicure, pedicure represents that element that has the power to make the difference between a fabulous look and an average one. Leave yourself pampered by Boudoir nail artists with a pedicure that will complete in a subtle way any look or try novel designs. We guarantee you’ll leave the salon smiling and pedicures will find their way into your schedule as pampering time for yourself.


Technical nails represent the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself with an impeccable manicure. Enjoy the freedom of changing the shape and length of your nails whenever you want as well as a long-lasting manicure. Boudoir nail artists will help you pick the most suitable shape and color for you, offering you at the same time advice for maintaining your manicure at home.

Appreciate how they are treated, quality, punctuality and atmosphere. With you I feel more beautiful! Thank you take care of me for so many years! - Loredana Muresan    
I like reliability and punctuality, nice friendly atmosphere and staff. I like not lose time and everything goes faster. It is a pleasure to solve your problems in minimal time and you make pleasure to meet people warm and nice. - Cristina Dinu    
At Boudoir Studio you feel like a family, where everyone is careful as you feel good and leave every time extra-satisfied. Attention to detail makes all the difference! - Raluca Moisi    
Your satisfaction is what motivates us to take beauty to superlative.


You will learn about new trends, promotions or other events in the salon.

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