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Due to the accumulated experience in this field, I can confidently say that even though in the past permanent waving was a service as used as hair dyeing, slowly clients stopped being interested in the same technique and result. We are glad that women finally start to perceive it as a long-lasting alternative and not the only hairstyle chosen.

Bronde – 2017’s trend

Now, many women think of permanent waves as a “trauma” because it is a standard procedure that looks very similar on everyone.

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Because it is a chemical procedure, it requires careful attention when making the waves, as well as a thorough care at home. However, with only a few tips that we recommend, the clients are able to have a long-lasting, natural hairstyle until the next visit at our salon.

• How to maintain your scalp healthy

The movement and elasticity of a naturally curly hair, the childish movement of the curls as well as their elegance makes the clients’ personality pop out. It is vey easy to maintain at home with only a few products.

Because there is a high variety of big curls, loose on short, medium or long hairstyles we can execute a service on a longer period of time, one, maximum three months and not twice a year before Easter and Christmas. The consistency and quality of professional products made especially for loose waves should differ depending on the structure of your hair: natural, dyed, thin, thick or porous.

I would recommend the clients to be more playful and let the curls show their naturalness through the hairstyles proposed by hairstyles in the salon.

I am waiting for you at Boudoir Studio Prive to talk a lot more about curls and different hairstyles.

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Nadia Chioreanu, Master Stilist

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