Eduard Dabican stilist Boudoir Prive

Eduard Dabican

Director Artistic
Edina Borza nail artist Boudoir Prive

Edina Borza

Director Artistic


Adrian Borza stilist Boudoir Prive

Adrian Borza

Master Stylist
Codruta Dabican stilist Boudoir Prive

Codruta Dabican

Master Stylist
Nadia Chioreanu stilist Boudoir Prive

Nadia Chioreanu

Master Stylist
Cristina Copaciu stilist Boudoir Prive

Cristina Copaciu

Master Stylist

Mihai Blaga

Senior Stylist
Roxana Dulau stilist Boudoir Prive

Roxana Dulau


Ovidiu Cacau



Minodora Gherendi

Nail Artist
Gabriela Nosa nail artist boudoir prive

Gabriela Nosa

Nail Artist
Andreea Perhaita nail artist boudoir prive

Andreea Perhaita

Nail Artist


Daisy Chioreanu makeup artist boudoir prive

Daisy Chioreanu

Make up Artist
Eva Csiszer makeup artist & estetician Boudoir Prive

Eva Csiszer

Make up artist & Esthetician


Sanda Rosca estetician Boudoir Prive

Sanda Rosca

Eva Csiszer makeup artist & estetician Boudoir Prive

Eva Csiszer

Make up artist & Esthetician


Lucia Joja boudoir prive

Lucia Joja

Front Desk
Denisa Cheteles Boudoir Prive

Denisa Cheteles

Front Desk
Appreciate how they are treated, quality, punctuality and atmosphere. With you I feel more beautiful! Thank you take care of me for so many years! - Loredana Muresan    
I like reliability and punctuality, nice friendly atmosphere and staff. I like not lose time and everything goes faster. It is a pleasure to solve your problems in minimal time and you make pleasure to meet people warm and nice. - Cristina Dinu    
At Boudoir Studio you feel like a family, where everyone is careful as you feel good and leave every time extra-satisfied. Attention to detail makes all the difference! - Raluca Moisi    
Your satisfaction is what motivates us to take beauty to superlative.


You will learn about new trends, promotions or other events in the salon.

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