Hair removal with natural wax

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Hair removal with natural wax is a classic method but more and more rarely used lately in beauty salons. However, removing the hair with natural wax has certain advantages for the skin, especially during the hot season. In the hair removing process it is very important to correctly combine the beeswax with classic ingredients specific to this mixture because this is exactly what helps the skin recover in a short time and eliminate the irritations and folliculitis.Epilare cu ceara naturala

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Because we want you to take advantage only of the best things, we are happy to introduce you to our new colleague, Eva Csiszer. A well-known cosmetician with a vast experience in the field, Eva brings into our salon a unique recipe: natural beeswax prepared in a special way especially for people with sensitive skin, predisposed to irritations or folliculitis after waxing.

And, because men pay more and more attention to their look, Eva offers cosmetic services for both men and women.

If you have sensitive skin or problems after waxing, we invite you to try Eva‘s new recipe at our salon. If you need more informations, Eva is here to help you.


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