Natural lash extensions

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Lately, the popularity of lash extensions kept increasing, while going around the world. To be fair, we need to acknowledge that it is amazing when someone remarks your look full of charm and we are always complemented on our looks. Even if they are natural or synthetic, lash extensions radically transform you, making them one of the best option when we want to make a change.

What is the difference between natural and synthetic lash extensions?

In the past few years, lash extensions had been one of the best solutions to obtain longer lashes, with more volume. Synthetic extensions come in different sizes, thickness and curves, so that the stylist can choose the ones that are most suitable for you. They have a farm curve, assuring a lasting of 3 to 4 weeks and a fresh look without using rimel.

Extensii de gene naturale fir cu fir

There had been 5 years or research in order to identify a resource of natural lash extensions. After lots of studies conducted, mink was identified as the best source. In order to calm down the supporters of animal rights, the process is not realised by traumatising the mink but by gently brushing the animal. The pieces of hair go on to be sterilized and styled, the final result being exceptional.

• Why should we choose the individual single lashes?

The possibility of developing different allergies was also discussed and so the company that manufactures them makes sure thing will not happen. As it follows, the styling process is preceded by sterilization. This way, we make sure that we will not have any unwanted surprises in the end, as well as allergies. This innovating technology was developed in order to be able to offer our clients lashes as thick as possible but also with a spectacular effect.

The natural extensions of mink are already extremely popular in Beverly Hills and not only because of how light they are and their gloss, in contrast with the synthetic ones. in one word, they are spectacular!

We are waiting for you at the salon, to drink a coffee and talk about them in order to answer any question you might have. Don’t forget, even if we are not perfect, our lashes can be!

Andreea Giloan, Lash Technician.

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