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“We are born to be awesome” – is the law after which I always guide myself. It is challenging and even interesting for myself to always adapt the trends so that they suit every client and make her feel “in style” while also keeping her authenticity.

The statement piece of this season when it comes to nailart is the manicure with mirror effect, so desired, special and captivating… Let`s find out together what it assumes and how it can be realised!

• Should we cut the cuticle or not?

Lately, this trend got more and more popular. Until recent, the only way to have nails with mirror effect was by applying Minx foils, which are ideal for flat nails. They could adapt, but the inconvenient was that they would not last more than 7 days.

Manichiuri creative Mirror Nails

As all industries evolve, the same thing happened with nails and today we have the “magic powder”, how I like to call it, the pigment for mirror nails. With a new product, there came a lot of questions: What colours are there? Over what is the powder/pigment? How long does a manicure last? What is the process of realising the manicure? Let’s find out!

For a maximum effect, it is ideal for the pigment to be applied over the semipermanent nail polish or on nails realised from acrylic or gel. Thankfully, there are no colour restrictions. The pigment comes in many shadows and there is even a trick: the pigment borrows some of the colour applied before on the nails. So, if we apply it over pink nail polish, we’ll obtain golden-pink nails.

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You need to follow the same steps as when realising a manicure with semipermanent nail polish or gel. In the end, over the gel, you need to apply the pigment with mirror effect. With smooth moves, spread it on the nail using an applicator. You’ll have mirror nails without much pressure and effort. For a lasting result, apply one or two more layers of gel.

The mirror nails pigment is a good choice to create awesome nails. It can be utilised alone, directly on the nails or in combination with a range of nail polishes or coloured gels. The result: perfect nails.

My suggestion is to put place your confidence in a nail artist and wear the Mirror Nails with pride.

Mirror Nails inspiratie manichiura

Until next time, I wish you all amazing nails!