Men hairstyle trends in 2017

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Men also want to be fashionable, which is why we prepared for you some of this year’s trends when it comes to manly hairstyles. Generally, blog posts destined especially for men are rare, but don’t worry, I’m going to be brief, just like we like. 😉

What are the hairstyling trends in 2017?

Manly hairstyles are somewhat different this year, and at a first look we can observe longer hair, textured and somewhat disorganised.

I invite you to discover together the styles slick back, side part, high top and short hair with fringe. The advantage is that depending on your actual haircut, at least two hairstyles are going to fit.

Trenduri coafuri masculine in 2017

It is very important to choose the hairstyle depending on your haircut, physiognomy, lifestyle and vestimentation. A specialist can help you determine the factors and will offer you personalised advice after a thorough diagnostic.

       • Professional shampoo vs. that available everywhere

What are the aspects at which as well as you as the professional need to pay attention?

  • Physiognomy – the ideal form of the face is oval. However, it can easily be obtained with the right hairstyle even on a square or long face.
  • The structure of the hair and implantation. It is very important that the haircut takes these two factors into consideration in order to be easy to maintain. Depending on the texture of the hair you can utilise different styling products to achieve the desired result with a minimum effort.
  • The allocated time for arranging the hair can be influenced by the style of the haircut; however it is important to keep in mind that the proper products should be used.
  • Lifestyle – it is very important to take into consideration the job, hobby, the time between shampoos, environment, as well as other factors that can have an impact on the scalp, structure of the hair and the final hairstyle. Of course, your personality is one of the most important factors in order to feel good in your own skin.
  • Beard – besides it being in trend this year, it’s really useful to correct the physiognomy, offering your hairstyle a modern air. These needs to be taken care of and maintained with products such as shampoo, balm and oil.

Below we have prepared you a small guide that will help you identify the styling suitable for you depending on the form of your face:

  • Oval Face – This physiognomy is suitable for any haircut with one mention: do not exaggerate the forms. Tip: If you wear high hair, keep the beard short so that you maintain the proportions of your face.
    • Recommended hairstyles: Slick Back, Side Part, Spikes, High Top, Short Hair with Fringe
  • Square Face – In the case of this physiognomy it is recommended to opt for a round hairstyle, with height and short on the sides. At the same time, the beard is an element that needs to be taken into consideration to elongate even more the physiognomy.
    • Recommended hairstyles: Side Part, Slick Back, Spikes
  • Long Face – To this physiognomy it is recommended to opt for a fringe close to the forehead so the volume does not elongate even more the physiognomy. Tip: For an extraordinary result, choose a round beard.
    • Recommended hairstyles: Side Part, Short Hair with Fringe
  • Round Face – In this case, short hair on the sides is the best option to thin the physiognomy even more and the height to elongate. Complete the haircut with a beard somewhat sharp.
    • Recommended hairstyles: Spikes, High Top, Short Hair with Fringe

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