Relaxation massage: 56 lei  (30 min) / Relaxation massage: 93 lei  (50 min)

Relaxation massage helps eliminate toxins from the body and creates a state of deep relaxation and improving the blood and lymphatic circulation. In general, relaxation massage has an anti-stress effect. Relaxation massage is recommended for all persons regardless of age and sex: adults, children, infants, adolescents or infants. This type of massage can be carried throughout the body, called the total relaxation massage or an area of the human body as the partial relaxation massage.

Anti-cellulite massage: 73 lei (45min)

The massage aims cellulite Cellulite, fat tissue remodeling appearance. Among natural remedies against cellulite, cellulite massage has an important place as a possible solution to keep in mind.
Cellulite massage influence cellular metabolism and glandular system, through an accelerated consumption of calories, remove excess water retained in tissue, in order to decrease weight. Also, anti-cellulite massage results in an improvement of blood circulation, activation of the venous system in order to eliminate faster metabolic waste accumulated at the cellular level, the effect of lymphatic drainage locally, thus improving with it and elasticity and skin tone and subcutaneous tissues.

Therapeutic massage: 51  (30 min)

Massage therapy is recommended to improve our physical and mental proving effective in combating stress and diseases related to it, back pain, lack of energy, insomnia, bronchitis, atherosclerosis, colic, constipation, menstrual cramps, pain headache, neuralgia, heart palpitations and hyperactivity. It is recommended to relieve certain problems related to pregnancy.
The practice of therapeutic massage has a wide category of recipients, the elderly, to children and babies suffering from colic which other troubles. Therapeutic massage acts on the muscles (possible disease), skin, blood circulation, nervous and digestive system, the heart and renal function. It eliminates muscle tension, relaxes and removes fatigue. As a muscle relaxant and pain, massage therapy is applied especially dorsal and shoulder and neck.

Shiatsu head massage + back treatment: 35 lei

Shiatsu massage therapy throughout the body: 100 lei


Shiatsu means “finger pressure”. It is a manual therapy of Japanese origin that by applying pressure with thumbs and palms on certain areas of the body, correcting imbalances and dysfunction, maintains and improves health, helps to cure specific diseases (discomfort, pain, stress, nervous and digestive etc. .) and activates the body’s ability to heal. Shiatsu massage is very good analgesic, relaxing, balancing. It advises both sufferers of various diseases and healthy individuals wishing well by maintaining a relaxing and revitalizing effects it has. Click here for more details..


Massages are performed by Tudor Antonescu (kinetotherapist)

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