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A complete care of hands and nails, realised through the classic method of manicure involves the gentle removal of the cuticle, a relaxing massage and applying carefully selected nail polish according to the latest trends and your particularities. The products used for manicure-pedicure are from well-known brands such as Alessandro, Crystal Nails and O.P.I. In order to see the price list please click here.

Classic Manicure

A complete care procedure for nails and hands, the classic manicure, involves the gentle removal of the cuticle, a relaxing massage and applying carefully selected nail polish according to the latest trends.

SPA Manicure

Pamper your nails and hands by removing the cuticle with a special lotion and peeling made out of almond sugar. Continue by massaging the hands with the appropriate cream and finish by applying carefully selected nail polish. Opt for this treatments and you`ll have an experience full of aroma, colour and professionalism.

Semipermanent Nail Polish

The semipermanent nail polish is a special service, carefully designed for a strong resistance. It is applied exactly like the normal nail polish, with the only difference being that it is polymerised in the lamp. The natural shine of the nail is not removed before the application and the removal of the nail polish is made with a special lotion. It normally lasts 2 to 3 weeks.

Classic Pedicure

This service starts by removing the unaesthetic cuticle and callosities. The massage eases the legs and helps increase the lymphatic drainage. The classic pedicure ends by applying nail polish.

SPA Pedicure

Starts by removing the callosities using special lotions, continues with scrub in order to stimulate the circulation and get rid of dead cells and ends with a foot massage in order to help you relax and increase lymphatic drainage. 

MINX Nails

These special nails can be applied in no more than 30 minutes. The unique wraps with a variety of models are applied over the natural or gel nails for an extraordinary effect. The glue assures a stability as long as 7 days. 


Permanent Nail Polish

The permanent nail polish is a hybrid product which assures a long-lasting colour. The product is easy to polymerise in the lamp and after each layer the natural nail gets thicker due to the help received to grow beautifully, without fissures, exfoliation or cracks. It usually resists between 3 and 4 weeks.

Technical Nails with Gel

The gel applied directly on the nail is a polymer which increases the resistance of the natural nail, strengthens and protects it against exterior aggressions. Above this gel it can be applied a permanent coloured nail polish or normal nail polish, according to the preferences of our clients. It normally lasts between 3 and 4 weeks.


This treatment constitutes a real pampering ritual, which starts with a biphasic peeling in order to remove the dead cells and continues by applying a cream and later paraffin. Under the direct effect of the heat, the active ingredients enter the skin, keeping it hydrated and soft for a long period of time.


How can we decide when we are facing the decision of choosing between a Nail Artist and a Master Nail Artist? Certainly there can be no doubt about their qualities but there is a difference between these 2 categories: the previous experience they have accumulated and the training programs they took part in.

The Nail Artist is a devoted, hard-working person with whom you`ll certainly have a good time and leave the salon smiling because of how good your nails look.

The Master Nail Artist puts a lot of emphasis on creativity and innovation by always offering new alternatives and suggesting changes. She is always thinking about the total look, so that the nails make sense with the total picture of your look, and not just on their own.

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