How do I maintain my scalp healthy?

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Health issues related to scalp

The imbalance and discomfort of scalp is one of the most common issues lately. The day to day activity can cause us many internal and external imbalances, and one of the body areas in which it can be spotted is the scalp. If you ever saw or felt one of the following issues, it is recommended to go at a salon for a professional diagnostic and a personalised treatment. 

Professional shampoo vs. the one available everywhere

Visible signs: hair loss, dandruff, sebum excess, redness and itching, tensioned scalp.

Technology that easies our work:










This is a professional device with micro-distribution that requires a precise application. The device is used in the salon with the 3 types of vials from the Specifique range: against hair loss, dandruff and those for a sensible and irritated scalp. It allows the diffusion into extremely soft drops, assuring an homogeneous depositation of the product on the face, leading to a maximum efficiency.


Clarisonic Plus 

A sonic cleaning system for the scalp that offers a profound and delicate cleaning. It is suitable for all types of hair or scalp. The utilisation of this device while shampooing activates the microcirculation at scalp level.



Set de produse Kerastase


Products Kit

The new range of products contains Shampoo suitable for irritated or sensible scalp, dandruff, greasing tendency and hair loss.

Vials against hair loss, dandruff and suitable for sensible scalp

A special mask for scalp.


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