Hairstylist Course

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Why hairdressing?
It’s a question I receive quite often lately, especially know that the beauty industry is developing. From my point of view, it is a beautiful job that combines the artistic development with the human side. Here, I specifically refer to the social part, the stylist that manage to combine the technical side with passion being the most appreciated.

Why should I start a  hairdressing course?
If you are passionate about people as well as beauty, this would be one of the best reasons to give it a shot. If you have these qualities you can do really beautiful things in this field, and of course make sure you live a beautiful and financially safe life.

Why choose us?

If we were talking about passion anyway, I wanted to let you know that we form a passionate team, with a strong desire to spread the information gathered in time by attending national and international trainings. We support the trainings for Romanian hairstylists and we are recognised for being devoted and involved in everything we do. The won contests recommend us by being permanently involved in our development as professionals as well as people.

How long does this course last?

Six months, in which we are going to share with you as much information as possible to assimilate and be able to apply. I was telling you at the beginning that even though it is a lot of information, you have enough time to improve.

How much does the course cost?

The price of the course is 1700 euro and the starting kit is included in the price. You can pay the whole sum at once or in rates. If you pay the whole sum at once, you receive a discount of 200 euro, paying only 1500 euro out of 1700.

Who will teach me?

My team will take care of your education and I will monitor the whole activity of the stylists as well as of the students.

What will I learn at the end of the course?

The basics of this field: hairstyling, colouring, occasion hairstyling and communication with the client so that you can start perfecting yourself. In this stage, we recommend you to start working at a salon where to have a mentor to guide you on your professional development.

What can I do after this course?

You can start working in a salon, work as an assistant and, of course, continue your specialization in this field.

What is the program of the course?

Four days a week, from Monday to Thursday, for 2 to 5 hours daily, depending in the modules.The class includes the theoretic, practic and observation part and the course takes place in the afternoon.

Do you ensure us a job after finishing the course?

If you are passionate and hard-working, after this course you can find a pretty salon in which to practice, and if you are one of the best and dedicated, you can become part of our team because we are permanently in search of new members.

We put the biggest part of the questions we received during the time and hope they helped you clarify some of the aspects related to the course. For any other questions, please email or call us in order to be able to help you.

A new course starts on 14th August 2017  we are waiting for you. Learn more about this field here.

For more informations call 0722 344 041 – Ema Vese or email us at [email protected]