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What advantages do I have if I decide to enrol in ED EDUCATION TEAM`s course?

  • You receive a Hairdresser Diploma Accredited by the Ministry of Education and Work that is recognised in all EU countries
  • Get a free kit of tools: professional hair dryer, ceramic brushes, scissors, combs, finishing brush, untangling brush, clipses.
  • The schedule of the course allows you to have a full-time job
  • Your models benefit of free services realised with L`Oreal Professionel products
  • Develop yourself professionally as well as personally through learning various communication techniques that are much needed in this field, as well as in the day-to-day life.
  • Learn and practice in an understanding environment, under the supervision of experienced and dedicated trainers
  • Our values are: passion, knowledge, understanding, implication and quality
  • After finishing the course, those interested receive free consultation regarding the management of a salon, as well as a job offer if you are passionate and dedicated, in our salon or partner salons

Required documents to enrol:

  • ID copy
  • Birth certificate copy
  • Marriage certificate copy (if applicable)
  • Copy after the last form of study graduated
  • A certificate from the doctor mentioning “apt for the course (hairdresser, manicure and pedicure, nail Technical), does not have skin problems, neurological or pulmonary diseases” (not older than 3 months)

Pay options for the course:

  • You can pay in rates, 400 euro when you register and 260 euro/month starting with the second month
  • The payment needs to be completed until the 20th of the current month
  • If you pay the whole sum at once you receive a discount of 200 euro from the total price of 1700 euro

The course lasts for 6 months and when you sign up you receive a starting kit containing of scissors, comb, brush, hair dryer and clipses included in price.



  • Communication, the client`s journey in the salon - 5 days

    The client`s psychology

    How to welcome the client in order to leave a positive first impression

    Getting to know the client (handshake, stile, etc.)

    Setting the background

    Collecting information (open and closed questions)

    How to make a suggestion

    Deciding on an option and the confirmation

  • Generalities – 2 days

    Getting to know the products, the history of hairstyle, etc.

  • The hair structure – 5 days

    The hair structure

    The hair structure and the different types of scalp

    Scalp problems

    Hair and scalp, diseases (insertions and growing direction) metamorphosis

  • Shampooing and treating the hair – 5 days

    Washing, treating and styling products

    Kerastase massage

    Movements to facilitate the penetration of products into the capillary fiber

    The correct way to clean the capillary fiber, massage and care: 4 days, 4 cleaning models and classic dry

  • Hairdressing – 10 days

    Cleaning, treating and texturing the capillary fiber

    Treating the hair and scalp


    Styling the hair with different brushes

    Styling with a straight brush – 5 days, 5 models

    Styling with a curly brush – 5 days, 5 models

    Partial examination 

  • Special stylings – 31 days

    Styling with the ondulator and hair straightener – 5 days, 5 models

    Velcro rollers/permanent wave/metallic waves – 5 days, 5 models

    Occasion hairstyle – 1 theoretic day, 20 practic days, 20 models

    Special hairstile and coc

    Preparing the hair

    Different ways to tap the hair

    Equilibrium forms and volume

    Partial examination 

  • Haircut – 57 days

    Basic techniques – 3 days of theory and demonstrations

    Advanced techniques (geometric patterns, equilibrated asymmetries) – 3 days of theory and demonstrations

    Straight-line cut – 10 days, 10 models

    Layer cut – 10 days, 10 models

    Gradual cut – 10 days, 10 models

    Special cut, asymmetries, decenters – 10 days, 10 models

    Masculine cut – 1 day theory and demonstrations, 10 days, 10 models

    Partial examination

  • Coloring – 34 days

    General presentation of L`Oreal Professionnel products – 1 day, trainer: Oana Stanciu

    General presentation of Matrix products – 1 day, trainer: Grigore Pop

    Color Key hair dyeing techniques – 3 days of theory, 10 days, 10 models

    Key Contrast highlight techniques – 2 days of theory, 5 days, 5 models

    Discoloration – 1 day of theory, 2 days, 2 models

    Changing the color, Color Change – 3 days of theory, 5 days, 5 models

    Correcting color Colorist Expert – 1 day of theory

    Partial examination

  • Health and safety at the workplace – 2 days

    Ergonomics, posture, stature

    Maintaining the cleanliness of the workplace

    Protection equipment (gloves)

    Chemical products

    First aid

  • Harmony and contrast between the hairstyle and client

    Physiognomy (body and skull features)

    Personal style (attitude, job, lifestyle)


  • Summary – 9 days

    Theory recapitulation test – 1 day

    Brush and ondulator hairstyle test – 1 day

    Special hairstyle test – 1 day

    Cutting test – 2 days

    Colouring test – 2 days

    Final recapitulation – 2 days



For more information about the course please call 0722 344 041 – Ema Vese or email us at [email protected]