Hair Touch Up – The spray that covers the roots and white hair

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S.O.S. Grown Roots?

Ever had a last minute event and realised that you did not manage to get the desired colour at the salon? White hairs seem to be more evident than ever and you need to be perfect?

I bet you’ve been in a similar position at least least once.

Lately, manufacturers tried to find solutions that are easier to get a hold onto something better for all our problems, one of them being the cover of white hairs between the colouring sessions.

L’Oreal Professionnel has now launched a new product, Hair Touch Up, which is especially designed to save you in crisis situations.

Some questions that we receive from our customers:

What is Hair Touch Up?

A spray dye in 3 colours: brown, bright brown and dark brown – designed to save you in crisis situations by covering up the white hairs and grown roots. 

Hair TouchUp  

How is it used?

Very easy: agitate the pipe and spray on the desired area at 15 cm from the scalp. In 1 minute it is dryed and you don’t need gloves or special instruments to apply it.

How long does it last?

The spray lasts until the first shampooing, when it’s completely washed away.

How long does a tube last?

The average lifetime is of at least 8 applications. 

How long do I use it?

It is a product thought to be used only in emergency situations, we do not recommend you to get used using it.

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Other uses of the product:

Due to the application method, a small quantity of pigment is deposited on the scalp, which is why helps you get a density effect. Indicated by people with smooth hair and visible scalp you can obtain an effect of thicker hair.

For men that started to loose hair, it offers the impression of density and makes some areas seem less evident.

How much does a tube cost?

The price of a tube is 68 lei and it can be bought in our salon.

If you have any other questions , leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you in the shortest time will all the needed information. 🙂