How to take care of your hair in the cold season

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Does it happen that once the autumn start you face massive hair loss? We have quite a few clients that bring up this subject each year and this is why we prepared for you an article containing of the best remedies, from our experience.

Let’s start by understanding what actually happens…

Once the season changes, our whole body suffers: it is the so-called autumn fellow. 🙂 The sanguine circulation changes, the food consumed do not offer us enough minerals and vitamins, the body is hydrated less. All these things affect the root of the hair and the scalp, leaving the hair thin and even making it fall.

What can we do to stop or prevent hair-loss?

Since the alimentation changes, we consume less natural and nutritive fruits and vegetables, a small help from the outside being needed. Experts have created special products to offer hair the necessary elements.

How to correctly wash our hair 

Our recommendation, as specialists, is to opt for a program of carefully-chosen, personalised treatments. After a careful diagnostic with the microcamera, we can accurately decide what is the best plan for you. Treatments are dermato-cosmetic and act right from the root. They stimulate the blood circulation at the scalp level, fortify the root, treat the scalp and accelerate growth. Treatments can be performed on women as well as men. There are no restrictions, being suitable even for pregnant women or those that breastfeed. Visible results can be seen only after 4 weeks.

How is the treatment performed?

For maximum results, one treatment a week is necessary, performed by a specialist, at the salon, and with the proper care at home. Depending on your needs, the treatment plan and products used differ, which is why we suggest you to talk to a hairstylist.

Our proposals for the cold season:

In order to have an idea about what you can ask your hairstyle in this period, we prepared you some treatment and products suggestions that we have at the salon:

Ingrijirea parului in sezonul rece par  sezon For an intense treatment of diminishing the hair loss and intense regeneration, we recommend the aminexil vials from Kérastase or L’Oréal Professionnel. For maintenance, two treatment sessions are recommended each year, each of 10 vials. Or, if you need, you can opt for an intensive treatment of 42 vials, one applied each day.

fiole aminexil Kerastase loreal

Fiole densifique kerastase

For intense stimulation of new hair growth, we recommend the Densifique vials from Kérastase. They are recommended for a treatment of 90 days, one per day.


For a quality treatment at home, we recommend you the Serioxyl Kit from L’Oréal Professionnel. The kit contains shampoo, conditioner and a special foam. This package can be found at our salon with a substantial discount. For more details, please ask our colleagues from reception.

Seryoxil Kit Loreal

As a general rule, in the cold season a proper hydration of hair is needed, and for this we are going to suggest you a few products worth taken into consideration. From Kérastase the NutritiveMagistral and Elixir ranges. And Absolute RepairNutrifier andPro-Keratin from L’Oréal Professionnel. For each of the above-mentioned products, we recommend you to use shampoo, hair mask, leave-in conditioner, cream or oil from the same product range.

Don’t forget, correct care can be easily seen and felt. First, identify the needs of your hair and scalp and only after start applying the right treatment.

We wish you a healthy, shiny, thick hair! 🙂