Facial LPG

CELLU M6 is the highest performant cellular stimulation device in the past 24 years. Always ahead of its time, it had always symbolised “Efficiency” and “Results“. Now, the new generation benefits of all the research and expertise in the beauty domain, revolutionising once again the antiaging treatments.

After 25 years, the young cells start to reduce the production of collagen and elastase. The skin looses its density and aging signs, such as wrinkles, start to appear.

The new technique uses mecanotransduction to stimulate the fibroblasts and offers density to the delicate tissue of face and cleavage. This profound action on the tissue reactivates the collagen and elastase production for a long-lasting antiaging effect.

The skin is redensified and toned, wrinkles are softened and the natural brightness of the skin is recovered.

LPG facial cluj

LPG Packages

1 session of facial LPG (endermolift): 160 lei

1 session of facial LPG for brightness (express, 15 minutes): 100 lei

The number of recommended sessions is six but after a preliminary consultation our specialists will recommend you the ideal number of sessions depending on your specific needs. The services are realised by Sanda Rosca.

Frequently asked questions about LPG

  • Is facial LPG truly effective?
    Starting with 1986, LPG technology had been verified by surgeons, dermatologists, therapists, research institutes and SPAs from all around the world, and its efficiency was proven each time, in more than 100 scientific studies. Professor Humbert from the University Hospital in Besancon-France proved the efficiency of this technology through 20 facial biopsies that showed an 80% increase in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid from the human tissue, therefore certifying the unique intensive hydration of the derm and epiderm. This way, the natural synthesis of elastase increases with 46%, the skin is softer and better-protected against the deepening of expression wrinkles, firmness increases with 23% while nazogenian wrinkles are diminished by 21% and the brightness is doubled.
  • What are the most visible results?
    The contour of the face is redefined, soft wrinkles are stretched, skin density increased, the cheeckbones redefined, double chin is toned, eyes become bright again and the skin is oxygenated and fresh. All of the above-mentioned effects are the result of an indolor technique that stimulates the natural physiological processes of the derm – mecanotransduction.
  • How many sessions are recommended in order to obtain visible results?
    Results start to appear after the first session but maximum results appear only after 12 sessions and after 24 sessions the wrinkles are stretched with 21%, skin firmness increases with 23%, eye bags are diminished and the skin becoming 2 times brighter than before the LPG treatment. 
  • Are the results long-term?
    Visible even after the first treatment, the results can only be kept depending on the frequence decided by the client taking into consideration her objectives and prefferences.
  • Are the hyaluronic acid injections compatible with the LPG procedure?
    Widely recognized by the public as well as professionals for its exceptional hydration and volumizing effect, hyaluronic acid is still an inconsistent substance. Its molecular weight represents an impediment in its absorption in derm and because the skin does not have the capacity to absorb it, its long-term effects are uncertain. In the case of injections, this aspect becomes more and more important while the injected quantity increases. Endermolift is an unique technique, capable of stimulating the natural hialuronic acid of the derm (80%), has a maximum capacity of bio-asimilation, is safe and with no risk of ending up with an asymmetric face. It is even recommended that the treatments are combined with LPG cellular stimulation, which is 100% natural. Before the injections, the mechanic stimulation oxygenates the tissues and improves the vascularizaton in order to facilitate the injecting procedure and for a better absorption of the substances. After the injection and only at the doctor`s recommendation, the results should be maintained around the injected area by regular sessions of facial LPG.
  • Do botox injections interfere with the LPG treatment?
    It`s even recommended to mix them together because botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles responsible for the apparition of wrinkles, increasing the quality of the LPG treatment. LPG oxygenates the tissue and improves vascularization.
  • Is facial lifting compatible with LPG?
    It is even recommended that the pacient has a few LPG sessions before and after the facial lifting: before the surgery, LPG oxygenates the tissue and increases vascularization in order to prepare the skin, facilitates the surgery and reduces the risk of complications. After the surgery, it drains and defibroses the tissue, significantly reducing the post-operation trauma and decreasing the time needed to recover. Before opting for this treatment, we recommend asking your aesthetician doctor for advice. 
  • Is LPG compatible with most medical procedures?
    Yes, it is, including mesotherapy, peeling and radiofrequency. The skin is excessively exposed to aesthetic and medical procedures, being more vulnerable to secondary unwanted effects such as tegument hardening, fibrosis, edema and dematoma. LPG can prevent these secondary effects by applying the treatment before the aesthetic and medical procedures or it can significantly treat and reduce the side-effects of the invasive procedures.
  • Is facial LPG painful?
    Definitely NO! During the sessions patients experience a relaxing and sleepy feeling. If the treatment is painful, it means that the settings of the device were not properly configured for the unique properties and sensitivity of your skin. Depending on the depth of the massage, you can feel a slight pain after treatment, which will disappear after a few days. In the case of fragile skin, we can observe a slight exfoliation so intensive hydration is recommended after each LPG session. 
  • Can I keep using cosmetics while also having LPG sessions?
    Yes, because it is essential to feed and hydrate the skin for optimum regeneration and efficiency of the antiaging therapy, while LPG maximizes the effects of cosmetics rich in active ingredients for cellular stimulation.
  • Are there any contraindications?

    Facial contraindications are rosacea, herpes, vitiglo, acne with inflammations and infections, while the body can experience the following in anticellulitic treatments: pregnancy, broken capillaries and varicose veins, injures and recent hypotrophic and cheloid scars, abdominal and inguinal hernia, lipoma, varices surgery (first 2 months), aesthetically operated areas (first 6 months), cheekbones remodelling, botox injection (first 2 weeks).

    The beginning of antirid LPG treatment needs to be established by your aesthetician after a personalized consultation, depending on your medical antecedents, tegument sensibility and skin phototip, and even more so depending on the objectives established.



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