dIS-RUPTiv Collection – Autumn – Winter 2016/2017

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As in every year, the fashion world offers us some trends, from which we have chosen the most versatile and personalizable part from our new collection look&beauty, Autumn-Winter 2016/2017. Therefore, we constructed the trends by combining innovative ideas that get out of the standards and do not take into consideration the age, sex or standards imposed by society. This is how dIS-RUPTiv was made, a collection full of free looks, without many rules, that promote the unrestricted harmony. We find ourselves in a period in which trends are basically being constructed around each person’s personality.

Video: Making of – Boudoir dIS-RUPTiv Collection

We live in the era of change, in which our life changes faster than we can measure. Here comes our ability of overcoming changes and style ruptures. This is why this principle of changing and combination of style rupture is the main theme of this season’s trends when it comes to beauty&style.

Tendinte coafuri toamna

Tendinte coafuri toamna-iarna

Coafuri toamna-iarna

Coafuri toamna-iarna

Coafuri iarna

Technology influences the fashion and hairstyle. The need of innovation makes us want new things or look more often and women are the first to understand this.

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The ideal hairstyle of our days has to be personalised, tailored on each one of us, created to increase the feeling of uniqueness. The principle aspect we are looking for in each haircut is versatility because it allows us to change it depending on our day-to-day events and feelings.

As a conclusion, the dIS-RUPTiv collection and the trends for Autumn – Winter 2016/2017 support the idea of accentuating and personalising each aspect of the total look, without limiting ourselves at a “perfect” match between the hairstyle, manicure, makeup and clothing. Freedom in creation – that’s the only rule.

Tendinte tunsori toamna

Tendinte coafor toamna-iarna

Tendinte tunsori toamna

Tendinte coafuri toamna-iarna

tendinte tunsori barbati

Tendinte makeup manichiura

Tendinte manichiura

Tendinte toamna-iarna manichiura makeup

Tendinte machiaj

Tendinte coafor toamna-iarna

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dIS-RUPTiv Collection Credits:

Hairstyle: Eduard Dăbîcan, Codruța Dăbîcan, Adrian Borza, Silvia Hamza, Nadia Chioreanu, Cristina Copaciu, Magda Viski, Mihai Blaga, George Câmpean, Andra Rarău, Cristi Moga, Andrei Gorgan, Alexandra Chira, Ionela Ilișan, Tabita Marit, Anah Rotaru.

Makeup: Daisy Chioreanu, Adina Antonescu, Eva Csiszer

Manicure: Edina Borza Dăbîcan, Any Bayko, Diana Cucuruzan, Diana Maria Serafim

Models: Paula Căraian, Daniela Rotaru, Hanna Vari, Cristiana Gota, Rareș Vaida Căraian, Andra Buicu, Rebeca Albu, Arabela Sim, Mara Iulia, Sorina Chira, Miruna Buzenchi, Ana Hurghis, Ștefania Gabor, Andrei Mutu, Livia Morar.

Photo: Laura Bâlc & Cristian Wunderlich Mihai

Video: Radu Pascondea

Outfits: Ingrid Teodosiu, Veronica Frișan, Arabela Sim

Location: Boudoir Prive