6 December, 2016

Choose the right manicure for the winter holidays!

Holidays are knocking at the door and you are probably already thinking  about the clothes you are going to wear. In order to have an unique appearance, you must keep in mind that not only the clothes are important, but the total look. From head to toes, from the top of your hair to the nails. :) What nail models are in this season? How do ... Read More »

30 October, 2016

Mirror Nails

“We are born to be awesome” - is the law after which I always guide myself. It is challenging and even interesting for myself to always adapt the trends so that they suit every client and make her feel "in style" while also keeping her authenticity. The statement piece of this season when it comes to nailart is the manicure with mirror ... Read More »

15 April, 2014

Are the UV lamps used for technical nails harmful?

Lately, the myth that says that UV devices used in constructing technical nails are unhealthy and can lead to skin cancer got more and more popular. Let's see what are the results of UV rays and in which categories they fall.  UV rays are completely invisible with the human eye. The basic source of this radiation is the solar light and ... Read More »

10 April, 2014

Should we cut the cuticle or not?

What is the cuticle and which is its role?  Also named eponichium, it represents the thick layer of dead epidermic cells that produce keratin - horn proteins that are deposited on the inferior area of the nail. This layer has the role of protecting the nail from bacteria and also nourishing it. What do I recommend - to cut the cuticle ... Read More »