13 February, 2017

Bronde – 2017’s hair colouring trend

One of the first questions we receive at the beginning of each year is: what are the trends regarding the hair colour? So, let's get straight to the subject! The trend of this year has a name: bronde - a combination between broun (that can be hot or cold) and blonde. Bronde, through the combination that forms it, represents naturalness - ... Read More »

Cum sa ne spalam parul corect
24 November, 2016

How to take care of your hair in the cold season

Does it happen that once the autumn start you face massive hair loss? We have quite a few clients that bring up this subject each year and this is why we prepared for you an article containing of the best remedies, from our experience. Let's start by understanding what actually happens... Once the season changes, our whole body suffers: ... Read More »

6 August, 2016

How do I maintain my scalp healthy?

Health issues related to scalp The imbalance and discomfort of scalp is one of the most common issues lately. The day to day activity can cause us many internal and external imbalances, and one of the body areas in which it can be spotted is the scalp. If you ever saw or felt one of the following issues, it is recommended to go at a salon ... Read More »

24 July, 2016

Hair removal with natural wax

Hair removal with natural wax is a classic method but more and more rarely used lately in beauty salons. However, removing the hair with natural wax has certain advantages for the skin, especially during the hot season. In the hair removing process it is very important to correctly combine the beeswax with classic ingredients specific to ... Read More »

17 July, 2016

Hairstylist Course

Why hairdressing? It's a question I receive quite often lately, especially know that the beauty industry is developing. From my point of view, it is a beautiful job that combines the artistic development with the human side. Here, I specifically refer to the social part, the stylist that manage to combine the technical side with passion ... Read More »

16 April, 2015

Balayage vs Strands – how to decide which one to choose

Slowly, we start to prepare for the passing into the new, sunnier and hotter season and we might be thinking to make a change to the colour of our hair. Due to the sun that brightens and makes us radiate, we also want to have a lighter hair colour. How can we do it in an easier way than the new colouring techniques? • Bronde - 2017's ... Read More »

12 March, 2015

Permanent waving

Due to the accumulated experience in this field, I can confidently say that even though in the past permanent waving was a service as used as hair dyeing, slowly clients stopped being interested in the same technique and result. We are glad that women finally start to perceive it as a long-lasting alternative and not the only hairstyle ... Read More »

3 December, 2013

Advice for taking care of our hair during winter

The cold season is coming and you need to take more care than even of your hair, so I decided to offer you some tips for the following period. The first thing you should do this winter is to hydrate your hair. Use intense products for hydration over the cold season at least once a week, so this way your hair will not dry due to the ... Read More »

15 November, 2013

Professional vs commercial shampoo

Is professional shampoo truly better than the one available in any store? There had always been a battle between the commerced shampoos and the professional ones. On one side, the stylist offers us a professional shampoo with 50 lei, for example, and on the other hand our best friends recommends one that is less than half of the sum. All ... Read More »

16 September, 2013

Tips&Tricks for curly hair

Had the mother nature blessed you with perfect curls but do they sometimes give you headaches? I understand you perfectly because I too am the possessor of curly hair and I am glad to be able to share things from my experience with you! :) People with curls can confirm you that it is not easy to style this type of hair. From this ... Read More »