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Spring is coming, weddings are starting. 🌷💍

In the following weeks we want to come with advice regarding beauty and style, that should help you better prepare for your wedding day. First, we are going to discuss about the most important subjects: getting ready the bride and groom. We are going to start with the trends regarding the hairstyle, makeup and manicure and we’ll continue with the proper way to take care of your skin, advice on how to better organise your time before the wedding and what is the order in which you should reserve your services on your wedding day.

In today`s article we are going to debate the subject of wedding hairstyle. Lately, such a delicate subject. And when we say “delicate” we refer at the fact that more and more brides want to be natural on their wedding day. There are some factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the hairstyle, and I`m going to start with them, in the order of their importance:

  • The dress and its style –  each type of dress goes with a certain hairstyle, this way completing the chosen hairstyle
  • The wedding style and its thematic – design and how the place is arranged
  • The groom’s style – preferably in the same thematic
  • Accessories, flowers
  • The period of the year in which the event is organised, temperature and the comfort factor
  • The season’s tendencies – the bridal hairstyle is recommended to be atemporal, so anytime you look back at them, they would be current
  • And of course your everyday style. We left it on the last plan because you surely chose the rest of details according to what characterises you

If I would be to make a top of the most wanted hairstyles in the last period, it would be something like this:

  • Lightly tied hairstyle – a hairstyle that offers you a natural look but at the same time is suitable for hot weather, the face being free and therefore increasing the comfort of the bride.

Coafuri mirese lejere

Coafura mireasa par lejer

Coafuri mirese prins lejer

Coafuri lejere de mireasa

Coafuri mireasa lejereCoafura lejera mireasaCoafuri mirese prins lejerPar prins lejer coafura mireasa

  • Elegant, refined, finished and sofisticated hairstyle – this style brings you a touch of elegance and refinement, it is a hairstyle that goes better with a lace dress, which is also rich in refined details, a relatively fix hairstyle, which should not give you any difficulties during the event.

Coafuri mirese elegante

Coafuri mireasa elegante

Coafuri de mireasa elegante

Coafuri sofisticate de mireasa

  • Hairstyles with a lot of volume – ideal for long and thick hair, this type of hairstyle can be realised with extensions and special sponges. This hairstyle goes with a dress with a lot of volume in the lower part.

Coafuri volum mireasa

Coafuri de mireasa cu volum

Coafuri de mireasa cu volum

  • Natural hairstyles with unfolded hair – they bring a natural, extremely romantic and boem air, being ideal to complete it with a low cut in the front side or the back of the dress. It is a sensible hairstyle that will change its form until the end of the week, and if you are an avid dancer , it might give you some issues. 🙂

Coafuri mireasa par desfacut

Coafuri lejere mireasa

Coafuri lejere de mireasa

Coafuri lejere de mireasa par desfacut

We hope that the informations offered help you take some of the decisions that need to be taken before the wedding.

In the following article, we are going to give you more details about what a bride should know before the big day.

Until next time,