Corporal Lipomassage

CELLU M6 is the highest performing device for cellular stimulation in the past 24 years. Always improved according to the latest trends and technology innovations, this device is the result of many years of research and expertise in the beauty industry, revolutionizing once again the idea of weight-loss and anti-aging treatments.

More than a treatment or anticelulitic massage, LPG is a truly effective service. During the preliminary counselling session we give each client all the attention needed so that the final objective can be easily acquired in the most effective way.


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LPG Packages

1 Corporal LPG session (lipomassage – 35 min): 160 lei

The minimum number of sessions recommended is six. However, during the preliminary consultation, our specialists will recommend you an exact number, depending on the needs of each client. Our specialist is  Sanda Rosca.


Frequently asked questions about LPG: 

  • What is lipomassage?
    The process of stimulating adipocytes in order to help eliminate the fat tissue. The unique lipomassage mechanism acts on the surface of the cutanat tissue inducing a bio-chimic response. The biologic process named mecanoconstruction stimulates adypocits in order to start the release of localised fat and cellulite reduction. This technique eliminates diet-ressistant fat in an unpainful way.

  • What results can be achieved?

    Resisstant fat is eliminated, reshaping the silhouette

    Ferm and toned skin

    The cellulite is smoothed and the skin becomes soft

    The lipolitic reply of the tissue is improved with as much as 50%, being also associated with the vasodilator effect

  • How can we get rid of cellulite?

    Cellulite affects most women nowadays and has many causes such as genetic predisposition, sedentarism, hormonal changes, slow circulation, etc. This is not specific only to overweight people but also appears to sportive women. Cellulite can be eliminated through LPG anticelulitic massages combined with a healthy alimentation, sport and hydration.

    Because words are not enough, LPG always tried to scientifically demonstrate the following:

    “The study realised for LPG in 2009 was presented by the Clinical Centre of Investigation of the Central University Hospital in Toulouse. The treatments were effectuated from a physiotherapist, expert in the LPG technique with the Ergodrive manipol. There were established 2 objectives: the evaluation of this technique`s impact on the lipids mobilisation and lashes manifestation by comparing the condition of the fat tissue before and after 12 sessions of treatment. In this regard, there were used 2 evaluation techniques: microdialysis (together with professor Arner from Sweden, we are the only people in the world that are experts in this type of evaluation) and the DNA model. From my knowledge, LPG is the only producer on the market that performs this type of basics research.” – Prof. Max Lafonton.

  • How many sessions are necessary?

    For visible results in a short period of time, each session has a high impact. The sofistication of the technique and simplification of the treatment (the machine is intuitive for the practician) dramatically accentuates the effects on skin and silhouette.

    For durable results it is recommended an initial treatment of 6 sessions (for body) and 8 sessions (for face) will have as an effect the re-education of the cells. A regular treatment session will increase the durability of the results.

    For natural results, Cellu M6 is the promise of a new body and young skin. Using this technique, you`ll have guaranteed results: the new device guarantees the best results, at the highest qualitative level. With a real integrated instructor, the board computer and its protocols assures the treatment`s success.


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