Balayage vs Strands – how to decide which one to choose

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Slowly, we start to prepare for the passing into the new, sunnier and hotter season and we might be thinking to make a change to the colour of our hair. Due to the sun that brightens and makes us radiate, we also want to have a lighter hair colour. How can we do it in an easier way than the new colouring techniques?

Bronde – 2017’s trend in hair colouring

Because lately there had been a lot of discussions about trends and colours, I want to share with you a few ideas about Balayage or lately, the so-called Ombre and Classic Stands.
Balayage Ombre cluj

It depends of course on the effect we want to achieve, what is ideal for our hair and the changes it allows us to make if it had already been dyed several times.

I really like this modern technique, balayage, and I usually choose to apply it on medium, long and very long hair. What’s even more beautiful is that it can be adapted depending on the haircut. It is a technique o dyeing the hair in open air which leads to a natural, easy to maintain look. We can create everything from natural colour accents to a difference of only a few shadows and even very different colours that offer a natural and voluminous aspect. This technique has lately been adopted by more and more celebrities because it offers us an amazing look even without the monthly visit at the salon.

• Advice for a healthy hair

If you want a change but at the same time do not want to dye the roots, balayage can also be made on hair that had already been dyed.

At the other extreme are the classic strands. Their form and aspect is a bit rigid and if we do not pay enough attention, they could end up looking like an unwanted effect on the hair.

I usually go for strands for short or medium hair with a soft texture and choose the colour depending on what we want to obtain or highlight. In the case of soft, thin hair we opt for strands in order to offer it more volume and brightness. We can also opt for strands that emphasize the haircut in order to create a contrast or volume effect.

At the same time, using strands, we can create a geometric colour that would highlight the line of the haircut as well as the client’s features. Daring clients can opt for strong, vibrant shadows.

Suvite clasice cluj

Sombre cluj

Suvite indraznete

We are waiting for you at the salon to make a personal diagnosis of your hair and decide together which one is the best for your hair.

Until next time,

Hamza SilviaMaster stylist 

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