Since 2012 we are here to offer you beauty at its best. No matter if you are visiting us for a look change that reflects the most recent events in your life, for your weekly pampering session or for that long-expected event in your life where perfection is a must, we want to offer you quality services every time you visit us, offer beauty advice and be there for you with all our enthusiasm and professionalism!


Beauty at its best


We believe beauty at its best is obtained when your natural beauty is enhanced by a passionate, well-trained and creative asrtist. It shouldn’t be a wonder that everything we do is so that you can feel special and admired: our belief is that we are polishing diamonds and therefore each beauty ritual will enhance your elegance and refinement so that your personality can shine. We happen to be the best in the art of beauty.

about us - boudoir prive - beauty salon cluj

With a baggage of knowledge of at least 5 years for each department, we are always ready to rise even to the highest expectations in order to make sure that you will choose us every time.
about us - boudoir prive - beauty salon cluj
about us - boudoir prive - beauty salon cluj

We are sure that performance can only be obtained evolving, which is why we are only working with the newest technologies and products and our team members constantly attend specialization trainings.
about us - boudoir prive - beauty salon cluj
about us - boudoir prive - beauty salon cluj

We believe that sterilization is a necessity and not an option. We know just how important safety is to you so we use only the sterilization technique specific to hospitals, Autoclav.
about us - boudoir prive - beauty salon cluj

Appreciate how they are treated, quality, punctuality and atmosphere. With you I feel more beautiful! Thank you take care of me for so many years! - Loredana Muresan    
I like reliability and punctuality, nice friendly atmosphere and staff. I like not lose time and everything goes faster. It is a pleasure to solve your problems in minimal time and you make pleasure to meet people warm and nice. - Cristina Dinu    
At Boudoir Studio you feel like a family, where everyone is careful as you feel good and leave every time extra-satisfied. Attention to detail makes all the difference! - Raluca Moisi    
Your satisfaction is what motivates us to take beauty to superlative.


You will learn about new trends, promotions or other events in the salon.

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