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Welcome to our blog. Today, I decided to approach a theme that is of interest to me and at the same time help men find our more informations about manly hairstyles! 🙂

I am passionate about manly haircuts, short hair and usually I like challenges. From my point of view, when it comes to short hair, you need to play more with the physiognomy because you need to find the haircut that complements the total look. Meanwhile, it has to be versatile, easy to style and to coincide with everyone’s expectations.

First, you need to pick a haircut that’s suitable and so you need to answer the following questions first:

1. What do you love or dislike about your current haircut?

It is very important to know exactly what bothers you about the current haircut in order to find useful solutions that can help you achieve the ideal haircut, but at the same time it is equally important to know what you like and what you don’t, to be able to keep the same elements to which we’re used.

2. How do you style your hair at home?

Another important aspect is how you style your hair at home. Each man has its unique style and habits when it comes to this subject. A haircut has to be personalised depending on your hair’s texture and the way in which you place it, making you spend more or less time in front of the mirror.

For example, a man with slightly curly hair which prefers straight hair, will spend considerably less time achieving this result if its haircut is slightly textured. In contrast, a man that wants to have its hair curly, will find a textured haircut more flattering.

3. What haircut to choose and which products to use?

Now that we gathered some informations, we can move on to the haircut part. We advice you to choose what suits you best, even if you’s do that in the detriment of the latest trends. At the same time, you can only pick certain elements from a trend and not necessarily the whole haircut, so you could easily adapt them to your physiognomy, hair texture, length, etc.

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Short haircuts: they are versatile, easy to style and ideal for a round physiognomy where we need height. We can opt for a messy hairstyle or a more elegant one. As with the styling products, you can use hair spray, mat wax in combination with gel.

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Medium, textured haircuts: they are ideal for a long physiognomy in order to create roundness. It is the haircut that offers a rebel, messy aspect but at the same time easy to style. As for styling products, we can use foam, hair spray, wax, etc.

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I am waiting for you at the salon to offer you the best advice about the haircut that would suit you best, as well as which products you should use. Until then, I wish you a week full of joy!

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George Campean –senior stylist