Alexandra Horvath


The beginning was always a little hard for me, I’ve always been afraid of it. Just like now, I am speechless.

First of all, I was born on July 29, 1987 in Cluj- Napoca, where I finished the Avram Iancu University’s studies, the Kinetotherapy specialization.

OK, I’ll start with something about the history of creativity and the first scissors.

The curly hair of my little sister inspired me. While her hair grew I was thinking how I could keep her still so that I could create the desired hairstyle. We both were young and did not have too much patience and everything was often finished in a bun or braids with my sister almost asleep. At that time I was 10-11 years old and my sister was three and maybe it was a little harder for her, but for me it was lovely; I couldn’t wait to be alone with her to play with her hair.

After a while, my best friend was willing to give up her lovely dark hair that was always worn in a ponytail, because it was long, thick and heavy. It was hard to convince me to take the kitchen scissors and cut 80% of its length. I was most afraid of her mother’s reaction, not of what it would come out. The haircut came out very well but the punishment … I would like not to describe it. Important was that we were very pleased with the achievement.

Then it started for me: with the curly hair of my little sister and a long, straight hair (which was easier to cut). Then other neighbors of my age were insisting to hairdress them. I was avoiding this because the kitchen scissors was large and heavy not to mention the punishment after… but I continued to do haircuts when my parents were not at home and the secret remained between us.

The hair was a temptation for me, I could not sit without touching it once. After high school I tried to work in other domains that were pleasant, but for a short time. I guess that always you carry in your heart the first love, and for me was the hair.

I took a stylist course in 2008 and in 2009 I had my first clients. It was a tough start because I was alone somehow, because the colleague with whom I worked was more of a beginner than me so I had to call the course teacher to ask her help when I was at the lock, until I came to work in a salon with more experienced people. Here I had a colleague and friend who loved this job. When I had no client, I used to stay and watch her work. Soon I realized that I worked just like her. She was an example for me and I thank her even today.

In the summer of 2011 I felt I needed something new, so I went to Barcelona where I had much to learn, from their language to their totally different working style. It was a tough start but beautiful and useful. Unfortunately, haircut techniques was not respected anymore; the haircuts were made in the quickest way possible, in 2-3 moves it was done. The hairdressing was simple or complicated, through which the haircut imperfections could be hidden.

Why did I come back? Most people with whom I discuss this ask me the same question and my answer is always the same. In a foreign country you will always be treated as a stranger, no matter how well you speak the language or do supplementary unpaid work, they will always treat you like a stranger. I cannot live a life apart from my friends and family, even if during the day I am busy with the work I love. In hard times you feel the need to communicate and you need the support of a friend and these things you cannot achieve through a phone.

I don’t regret the choices I made. Now I started all over again, because once my departure to Barcelona I had many losses but also gains.

And to answer the question that many people address me, „What do you like most to create?”, my answer is this: I really like to realize hairstyles for special occasions, especially vintage because it offers great creativity and imagination! Then – the haircuts for women and men. 🙂

Alexandra Horvath – Senior Stylist